Thursday, January 26, 2006

Translate buttons for Safari

A bit of mucking about today and I adapted my buttons to work with google translate.

You can grab this like here and drag it to your tool bar to translate any japanese page into english.

Edit the "langpair" option in the bookmark to change languages

you could try this one using for mouse over translation.

URL is below


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google memory search

Had an idea for a great Instant messenger add on app. It would be wicked to have something like google adwords for IM, but instead of ads, showing relevant excerpts from past chats and web history.

Essentially google for your brain.

So as you chat about the best way to skin a cat you can have a side window showing the time you talked about cat skinning with your uncle Owswald, and where you can buy cat skinning tools, and web pages about cat skinning. The trick of course is deciding what is relevant and doing it in a non invasive manner. Maybe google could do this, maybe thats the future of (yet another IM client).

Why limit just to IM why not live search your whole computing experience?

What would distinguish this from existing desktop searching (google desktop/ yahoo/ spotlight) is that it would be live updating and passive ( no user effort ) perhaps something that hooks into standard edit boxes the way the system wide spellcheck does in Mac OSX.

Only if you could make it so the user didn't know they were using it would it be useful. If the user has to think about searching then the product is dead because as soon as I think about searching I may as well do a full search, but if its just there like a cup of coffee on your desk and you sip with out thinking then it would work..

perhaps this will be in OS X 10.6 .. Spotlight 2 ( the version that works :) )

Today is defiantly one of those verbal diarrhea days the ideas keep coming no time to filter.... oh well.

Etoire in Snow

Etoire in Snow
Etoire in Snow,
originally uploaded by Brokentoaster.
Alright finally a snow day. Thought I'd test out the new wifi enabled Nikon coolpix p2 I bought for my mum with some photos of Miyoshi town.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Forward Delete Key on Macs

I just found the following hint on
Blast that forward-delete key (just below the Help key on a standard Mac keyboard)! It just keeps inputting a '~' when pressed, instead of deleting the next character. Luckily, there is an easy solution. In clean OS X apps, including Terminal, Control-Option-D does what we want the forward-delete key to do.

So go to Terminal's Terminal menu, pick Window Settings, and then choose "Keyboard" in the pop-up menu. Double-click on the 'del (forward delete)' key, and in the sheet that pops open, activate the input box just below "Action." Type Control-Option-D, and you should see '04' in the box. Click OK, close the Terminal Inpsector window, and you should now have a working forward-delete key. Yay!


just found this little script
Very nice. I have added it to the picture pages for the mp3 player at

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dash blog test

Just thought I'd test out this widget (dash blog) for blogging from the dashboard. seems okay but spell checking would be nice.