Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brays Terminal lives!

Looks like brays terminal is back up. I've been struggling to find links to this great terminal program since the original site went down last year.

The rumors of the death of best developer's terminal program have been greatly exaggerated:

Friday, April 11, 2008

GNUPlot for the data logger files

A few people have asked how I do my graphs in the datalogger project.

I use gnuplot via the following script i call ''

for file
gnuplot << EOF
set terminal png size 1024,768
set output "$file.png"
set origin 0,0
plot "$file.txt" u 3 w i t 'light' axes x1y2 2, "$file.txt" u 9 w l t 'Temperature' 1
open $file.png

I capture the output from the logger using a terminal program and save it as "data.txt"
I then call ' data.txt" and I'm done.

I run this on a Mac with osX 10.5 ( it also worked in older versions as well)