Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kicad OSX nightlies fixed

I finally decided to investigate why kicad had stopped building back in Decemember. I had initially thought it was to do with large changes to the source being done at that time or with my trying to get a newer build of wxMac to work with it properly.
I turns out I updated the Boost library and that was what was causing my builds to fail.

Somewhere on the mac a "check" macro gets defined. Apparently this is if "DEBUG" is defined somewhere but I could not figure out where or why this was going on (see this post. I decided to simply modify the boost files concerned to work aroaund this problem. By renaming the "check" function and its called I was able to get kicad compiling again. Sadly it does not fix the serious flaws in wxmacs graphics implimentation ie. the fact that it does not do XOR draws properly.Anyway here are the diffs I made

fixing kicad again for th mac
line 155: check renamed to check_

4 changes in /temp/kicad-sources/boost/detail/is_incrementable.hppcheck "check(" replaced with "check_("


% diff /temp/boost_1_37_0/boost/ptr_container/detail/static_move_ptr.hpp

< void check(const static_move_ptr& ptr)
> void check_(const static_move_ptr& ptr)


% diff /temp/boost_1_37_0/boost/detail/is_incrementable.hpp

< char (& check(tag) )[2];
> char (& check_(tag) )[2];
< char check(T const&);
> char check_(T const&);
< , value = sizeof(is_incrementable_::check(BOOST_comma(++x,0))) == 1
> , value = sizeof(is_incrementable_::check_(BOOST_comma(++x,0))) == 1
< , value = sizeof(is_incrementable_::check(BOOST_comma(x++,0))) == 1
> , value = sizeof(is_incrementable_::check_(BOOST_comma(x++,0))) == 1

The error I was getting was the following
In file included from /temp/kicad-sources/boost_1_38_0/boost/ptr_container/detail/reversible_ptr_container.hpp:22In file included from /temp/kicad-sources/boost_1_38_0/boost/ptr_container/detail/reversible_ptr_container.hpp:22,
from /temp/kicad-sources/boost_1_38_0/boost/ptr_container/ptr_sequence_adapter.hpp:20,
from /temp/kicad-sources/boost_1_38_0/boost/ptr_container/ptr_vector.hpp:20,
from /temp/kicad-sources/kicad/include/board_item_struct.h:9,
from /temp/kicad-sources/kicad/include/pcbstruct.h:10,
from /temp/kicad-sources/kicad/3d-viewer/3d_viewer.h:29,
from /temp/kicad-sources/kicad/3d-viewer/3d_aux.cpp:23:
/temp/kicad-sources/boost_1_38_0/boost/ptr_container/detail/static_move_ptr.hpp:154:50: error: macro "check" passed 2 arguments, but takes just 1

I have now updated my automagic build script to upload the error log if It doesn't compile.

All of my builds are still found at and should be universal apps. If anyone has had any success with wxCocoa or other builds I'd be happy to add them to my build list.